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  anal glands are used to help with defecation and also provides a unique smell which can be used to identify an individual feline. If the anal gland becomes impacted, the fluid cannot be expressed and it will build up. If the anal gland becomes infected, the pus will build up and an abscess.   when bacteria build up in the anal sacs, it can cause an infection. It can become so painful and itchy that your cat may show signs of fear or anger. Its important to treat an infection right away or it may turn into an abscess.   anal gland disease in cats is not very common, but when they do become infected or diseased they can be a really painful problem. Find out the causes of anal gland problems, the signs and symptoms to look out for and then the best ways to treat and prevent them in the future. The anal sacs--more appropriately the anal glands--are sometimes impacted or infected by bacteria. The condition affecting the felines anal glands can soon worsen and result in an anal sac abscess or rupture, which requires prompt veterinary attention. If the anal gland has abscessed, the vet will need to lance it so it can be drained. After lancing the abscess, the abscess is flushed with saline solution to help clear up any backed up or thickened secretions.   cats have anal glands which produce fluid into sacs that are located on either side of the anus. This fluid is assumed to be a scent marker that is useful in delineating territory. Anal sac disorders involve impaction of anal sac fluid, inflammation of the sac(s), and abscess of the sac(s), which can lead to anal gland rupture. Impaction is the most commonly occurring type of anal gland disorder. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. The walls of the sac produce a foul smelling fluid which is released whenever the cat passes a bowel movement. The anal sacs or their ducts can become inflamed or infected due to a variety of causes.   i had the terrible misfortune of finding out my 7 year old girl had an abcess anal gland about 3 days ago. I had to wait till the next day to even get her into the vet and by that time the abscess was huge, thankfully i have animal experience and a life of being raised on a farm, so i immediately got a cone. Anal gland disease in cats occurs when the two anal sacs that are situated either side of the anus become infected or blocked. The anal sacs contain an odorous fluid that is secreted whenever cats defecate or when theyre attempting to mark their territory. Sometimes anal gland disease is also referred to as anal sac disease.   even after a rupture, cats can have another anal gland impaction or abscess in the same anal gland, or it can happen on the other side, so the anal gland issue can still be a problem.

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